Philo Overview


The managed account opportunity

For a wealth management industry that is striving for greater efficiency and more sustainable revenue streams, managed accounts represent the most powerful tool available to achieve that goal.  They enable the industrialisation of tailored portfolio solutions and improve the economics of service delivery.  They also foster a superior service experience for end investors and a better quality of working life for advisers and staff.  Implemented well, managed accounts are unequivocally good for investors, advisers and business owners. 

Our philosophy on managed accounts...

In our view, delivery of successful managed account programs requires a different mindset.  At Philo we design managed accounts to be services, not products.  They are the mechanism for advice firms to implement their advice and to maintain client portfolios.  As such, they are integral to processes and value proposition of the advice firm and the end investor experiences them as part of the service delivery of the firm, not as a “product”.  We believe the most successful managed accounts will be those that are tailored to suit each business and its particular goals for service delivery.  We do not offer one size fits all solutions.

Importantly, the benefits of managed accounts are no longer theoretical, but have been proven in large and small scale implementations.  Philo’s principals have been key players in a number of these success stories and have invaluable insights on how to fully leverage managed accounts in a variety of business contexts.

Philo history

Philo Capital Advisers has been providing managed account services to financial services firms since early 2012, and our senior management have been designing, implementing and operating managed account services since 2004.  They have been responsible for some of the largest and most successful managed account programs in Australia.  In addition to creating managed account services for organisations like Centric Wealth, Snowball, Shadforths, Investment Administration Services (now and IOOF, they have consulted to a range of other leading organisations on design and implementation of managed account services.


Philo is implementing specialist technology to facilitate delivery of managed account services across multiple platforms.  


The experience of Philo's management team extends well beyond the operational aspects of managed accounts. Their role in designing, implementing and managing some of Australia's most successful managed account programs has involved a variety of disciplines and activities such as adviser engagement, formulation of advice firm value proposition, pricing, investment governance, portfolio management, platform relationships, investor communications and much more.  This experience can work for you.


Philo is a privately owned business.


Philo’s fees compare favourably with many “product style” implementations of managed accounts.   MDA service fees vary with volume.  Please contact Philo if you would like get more information on our fee schedule.

Origins of the Philo name


Philo Capital Advisers draws its name from Philo of Byzantium (ca. 280 BC – ca. 220 BC). He was a Greek engineer, mathematician and author. Notable for a number of books and mathematical theorems, he was also the first to describe a gimbal, the device illustrated in our logo.  The gimbal has found many applications over the years, the most common of which is to house a ship’s compass so that it is held constantly upright, even as the ship pitches and yaws in a heavy sea. We were attracted to the name due to the ready metaphor the gimbal offers to the portfolio rebalancing that takes place as an integral part of our managed account services, and which helps keep portfolios on track to achieve their objectives in a changing world.